Our Mission

To Grow Goodness by loving our guests and each other.


What We Do

Thrive Attractions Management is a full service management company with over 1,000 employees that manages themed attractions, hotels, golf courses, recreational areas, gardens and historical sites. Thrive grows business by developing festivals and compelling themed entertainment that creates urgency and dynamic marketing that drives revenue. Thrive Attractions Management owns Thrive SMP LLC, and Thrive Hospitality LLC.


Giving Back

Thrive is committed to giving 20% of its profits to charity. The primary beneficiary of the charity grants is Thriving Lives, an employee-based 501c3 charity that does everything from help an employee with emergency bills to giving college scholarships.

Our Leadership

Michael Dombrowski

President and Owner of Thrive Attractions Management LLC, Thrive SMP LLC and Thrive Hospitality LLC.

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Press Release

Thrive Attractions Management, LLC, is proud to announce that it has been chosen as the finalist in the RFP to be the private manager of Stone Mountain Park by the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, the state authority that oversees the state’s most visited attraction. Thrive is a newly created entity owned by Michael Dombrowski, who has served as vice president and general manager of the park since 2014. The selection of Thrive brings stability, a smooth transition and years of experience successfully operating Stone Mountain Park. “We are honored to have been selected to continue the great work of the past several years, and to keep in place an experienced group of senior managers and engaged employees,” said Dombrowski. “We’ll build on our success by caring for and loving our employees and guests, and ensuring Stone Mountain Park is a welcoming and inclusive environment for all visitors from Atlanta, the nation and the world.” Prior to the pandemic, Dombrowski is credited with turning years of negative cash flow at Stone Mountain Park into six consecutive years of profitability by bringing in new attractions and events. “In Thrive, we have chosen continuity, experience and an unmatched depth of knowledge and know-how,” said the Rev. Abraham Mosley, chairman of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association. “The SMMA has a proven track record of working with the current management team for the better good of the park and the community,” said the Rev. Mosley. “I’m confident that we will build on that success.” Dombrowski is partnering with Crescent Hotels and Resorts, a national hotel management company that will oversee operations of the park’s Evergreen Resort and Conference Center and Stone Mountain Inn. Crescent is consistently ranked as one of the top five hotel management companies in North America.